LSUHSC School of Public Health
Biostatistics Program
Fall 2005
Instructor:  Stephen W. Looney, PhD
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Revised and Updated Course Outline (new!)
Screenshots for SimCalc
Lectures 1 & 2 - 8-22-05 and 8-24-05  
Zip file for StatCalc
Lecture 3: 9-26-05
Website for textbook price comparisons
Assignment 1 - Due October 5, 2005
Solutions for Assignment 1
Lecture 4: 9-28-05
Lecture 5: 10-3-05
Physician's Aspirin Study (abstract only)
Physician's Aspirin Study article
Computer Lab I: 10-3-05
SAS Code for carcinogenicity example
SAS output for approximate carcinogenicity results
SPSS database for carcinogenicity example
SPSS syntax for carcinogenicity example
SPSS output for carcinogenicity example
Screenshots for SPSS analysis of carcinogenicity data
Lecture 6: 10-5-05
Toxicology and Trauma Article
Assignment 2: Due 10-17-05
Solutions for Assignment 2
Lecture 7: 10-10-05
Lecture 8: 10-12-05
Extra Reading Assignment for Lecture 8
Lecture 9: 10-17-05
Computer Lab 2: 10-19-05
SAS code for Physician's Aspirin Study Example
SAS code for alcohol disorder example
SAS code for mechanism of injury example
SAS code for tea-tasting example
SPSS syntax for mechanism of injury
SAS code for oral lesions example
SAS code for infant malformation example
Computer Lab 2 - Reading Assignment
Assignment 3: Due 10-26-05
Solutions to Assignment 3
Lecture 10: 10-24-05
Lecture 11: 10-26-05
Supplement - Presented 10-31-05
SAS code for esophageal cancer
Assignment 4: Due 11-7-05
Solutions to Assignment 4
Lecture 12: 10-31-05
Extra Reading Assignment for Lecture 12
Lecture 13: 11-02-05
SAS data step for horseshoe crab data
Lecture 14: 11-7-05
Lecture 15: 11-9-05
Lecture 16: 11-14-05
Computer Lab 3: 11-16-05 (Part I)
SAS Code for Table 4.1
SAS Output for  Table 4.1
SAS Code for Poisson Regression Analysis of
Horseshoe Crab Data
SAS Output for Poisson Regression
Analysis of Horseshoe Crab Data
SAS Code for Logistic Regression Analysis of
Horseshoe Crab Data Using PROC GENMOD
SAS Output for Logistic Regression
Analysis of Horseshoe Crab Data
Computer Lab 3: 11-21-05 (Part II)
SAS Code for Performing Logistic Regression
Ungrouped Horseshoe Crab Data
SAS Output
Grouped Horseshoe Crab Data
SAS Output
Exact Analysis of Grouped Data
SAS Output
Assignment 5: Due 11-30-05
Solutions to Assignment 5
Lecture 17: 11-28-05
Lecture 18: 11-30-05
Lecture 19: 12-5-05
Lecture 20: 12-7-05
Final Exam: Due 12-12-05
Probability Plot Article
Repeated Measures Article
Multivariate Normality Article
Factor Analysis Article
Other articles (copies pending)
Shapiro, S.S., And Wilk, M.B. (1968), "Approximations for the Null Distribution of  the  W
Technometrics, 10, 861-866.
Horswell, R.L., and Looney, S.W. (1993), "Diagnostic Limitations of Skewness
Coefficients in Assessing Departures From Univariate and Multivariate Normality,"
ommunications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 22, 437-459.
SAS Code for Assessing Univariate & Multivariate Normality
Example 4.10
Example 5.2 - original data
Example 5.2 - principal components
Example 5.2 - Srivastava-Hui Tests - corrected
Corrected output
Example 5.2 - Box Cox Transformation
SAS Code for Performing Multivariate Tests
Example 5.2 - Hotelling's T^^2 for 1 mean vector
Olanzapine Example - 1 group rep. meas.
Olanzapine Manuscript
Exercise 6.22 - Hotellings T^^2 for 2 mean vectors
Data for Exercise 6.22
Exercise 6.22 - Robust Hotellings T^^2
Exercise 6.24 - MANOVA
Data for Exercise 6.24
Calcium Data - Two-Group Rep. Meas.
Calcium Data
Calcium Data - Rep. Meas. Analysis Adjusted for Baseline
Tests for Comparing Population Correlation Coefficients
Factor Analysis Example - Development of the Spiritual Needs Inventory
Development of Spiritual Needs Inventory - Manuscript
Spiritual Needs Inventory with Variable Names
SAS Code for Factor Analyses
Discrimination and Classification Analysis
Exercise 11.32 - Hemophilia Data
Exercise 11.32 - Linear Discriminant Analysis
Exercise 11.32 - Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
Exercise 11.32 - Logistic Regression
Cluster Analysis
Languages Data - Table 12.4
Single, Complete, and Average Linkage Analyses for Languages Data
Assignment 1 - Due Feb 17, 2006
Data for Assignment 1
Assignment 1 - Solution
Assignment 2 - Due April 18, 2006
Assignment 2 - Solution
Mid-term Exam and Solution

BIOS 6244 Analysis of Categorical Data